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Arbor Day 2022

Arbor Week in Porterville California

Here come the trees.

Twenty-seven trees were planted along the Tule River Parkway in Porterville, California during Arbor Week. Supplementing the trees, eighteen flowering pollinator bushes were planted in clusters. Fifty volunteers helped to plant the trees and pollinator bushes on Friday and Saturday. The Monache High School Environmental Sciences Academy student interns deserve special mention. These eight students were the backbone of the event on Saturday. They helped advise volunteer groups in how to plant the trees and then worked diligently to plant the remainder. The new plantings are located next to the Tule River Parkway between Jaye Street and Cloverleaf Street. Arbor Week is a coordinated project between the Tule River Parkway Association a local environmental nonprofit and the City of Porterville, Parks and Leisure Department. These California native plants will add shade and beauty to the Tule River Parkway which is in the Tule River corridor and includes a paved pedestrian and bicycle path. The Tule River Parkway Association was awarded a $4,000 stipend for the project through California Releaf in partnership with Edison International.

Submitted by Cathy Capone

President Tule River Parkway Association

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